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Tech Tidbit: Real Time Engagement

Engagement is important for any platform. Understanding when and how valuable users engage your product separates good and bad user experiences. CCOL is a multi-sided platform — three or more user types engage our platform in order to accomplish one or more goals.

To make the DYN team’s collective lives easier, I integrated a webhook that sends a message to a Slack channel whenever an organization performs a valuable action in CCOL. For example, if an org adds a new program for the upcoming quarter, the platform alerts our team. Of course, that’s nice, but what’s the impact?

  • From there the CCOL Support Crew will reach out to see if they need help with the next expected steps including digital badge creation.
  • And we can discover if there were any issues and create a valuable feedback loop between development and social practices.
  • And our customer experience aka marketing team can thank them for contributing more learning experiences for the youth of Chicago.
  • We can even automagically tweet out that program to everyone or send an SMS to all teens that have expressed interest in this type of program.

Just from pushing data and activity forward to the right (slack) channels. Impact.