Mighel Jackson

Mighel Jackson is an Implementation Coordinator and Systems Integration Specialist at OCEP’s Digital Youth Network. In this role, Mighel translates complex systems into action on the ground by creating, facilitating and maintaining spaces that promote greater understanding of how technical solutions can be integrated most effectively into internal initiatives and external partnerships. As an extension of helping partners understand our systems, Mighel is also responsible for coordinating the maintenance activities of our technical systems including the Chicago City of Learning and iRemix platforms.

Mighel previously worked as a civil engineer in both the public and private sector specializing in capital project management, roadway design and storm water management prior to his current role with DYN. Mighel’s professional career also includes positions in the non-profit sector with Eureka Communities, where he helped manage a professional peer-learning network, and the Center for Policy Alternatives in Washington, D.C.