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Office of Education Technology and CCOL

The Office of Education Technology (OET) recently released its 2016 National Education of Technology plan. First of all, you should get familiar with the Office of EdTech if you aren’t already. Their mission is clear:

…Provide leadership for transforming education through the power of technology. OET develops national educational technology policy and establishes the vision for how technology can be used to support learning.

Secondly, OET highlighted Digital Youth Network’s Chicago City of Learning as an excellent model for connecting schools and community institutions. We’re super excited that progress and impact has been so great that OET wanted to tell everyone.

Interested in reading about the learning vision: OET Learning NETP 2016

Interested in reading the entire report [PDF]:  2016 Technology Plan 

Footnote: Others can and should try to duplicate, replicate, and/or reverse engineer the unprecedented success that DYN has had in Chicago over the last two years. Why? Because youth everywhere benefit from stronger, connected learning and valuable digital badges.

2016 is going to be the best CCOL year ever.

Follow along to see just how amazing it gets.