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Experience Discovery (xDisc) is a social discovery tool empowering youth to find, share and engage in new learning opportunities across the city.

xDisc goes beyond simply presenting a list of programs to users, it builds on their interests and social connections to suggest new pathways of participation.

Embedded within a social network, xDisc will be able to present programs

liked or recommended to you by your friends and mentors as well as make suggestions for you automatically.

A powerful recommendation engine will present programs that are a best fit for you based on interests, friends, location and more.

Youth will be able to suggest programs to friends, rate and reflect on workshops as well as share what they’ve created.

While the primary users for xDisc are youth searching for programs to engage in, cities, educational organizations and learning networks are the key initial participants. Organizations making their programs visible through xDisc have increased opportunity to reach new youth for their programs and are provided with a set of tools to get feedback and document outcomes.

Program Database Integration

Currently integrated with the CitySpan database, xDisc is able to pull up to date program and participant data (with the proper permissions from organizations).

Social Network Integration

xDisc is designed to leverage social to drive learning, as such it integrates with the iRemix Learning Platform. The social network keeps youth engaged and allows new  modes of interactions for peers and mentors.

Personalized Recommendations

xDisc’s custom built recommendation engine leverages interest, social and demographic data to suggest activities for users.

xDisc was initially piloted with the Hive Chicago learning network, allowing for a use case to develop and begin testing the integration with the CitySpan system for program and participant data. We are seeking municipal or organizational partners to provide broad activity data and to facilitate program integration. The product roadmap includes focus on integration with more social networks, continued refinement of the recommendation engine and implementation of a mobile component.

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