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Spokes makes new connect ions between content consumed and content created. Share your curated shelves of books, movies and songs. Use the media on your shelves as the anchor to inspire your own new creations.

Spokes lets youth go beyond just consumption of media and empowers them to create and share original media. It extends your experience of

reading books, listening to music and watching movies to creating text and media based responses. Responses, in the form of blogs, videos, music, podcasts and more, ultimately create new valuable ways for people to connect to their favorite content.

Share your reflections, reviews or remixes of the books, music and movies you enjoy with the community.


Spokes is for everyone! Spokes allows anyone to interact with content in new ways that create unique opportunities for learning, creative expression new social connections.

Spokes is primed for educators to create new connected ways for youth to create reviews, reflections or remixes to books, music and movies. Educators can customize prompts to reflect students’ various needs & interests. Challenges stimulate new content and conversations around the anchor content.

Anchor Content

Search from thousands of books, movies and songs to add to your shelves. Once content is added to a shelf, it can become the ‘anchor’ for responses by the Spokes community.


Curated lists of media that a Spokes user checks-out.

Respond: Review, Reflect, Remix

Users respond to any content on your shelf by posting a blog, video, music, podcast, graphic design or more. View other user’s reviews, reflections or remixes along with your own respond on the Spokes page for the anchor content.

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