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iRemix is a cloud-based social learning platform available to schools and organizations seeking to safely connect youth with extended learning and mentorship opportunities. Create your own customized private social learning network that is completely controlled by you.

iRemix is a learning platform that leverages the engagement of social networking and digital media to empower youth to explore their interests. Users can share and critique media, earn badges, participate in forums and debates, form interest driven groups and more. Educators are able to leverage the interaction templates provided by the social

network to model new ways for learners to engage with content and each other.

iRemix is media rich. Youth can build their digital portfolio by sharing the media that they create, getting feedback from peers and mentors and iterating on the work. While iRemix provides private social learning networks for organizations, youth can take the best of their work and share it outside of iRemix to Facebook, Twitter and more.

iRemix was created and incubated at the Digital Youth Network and is now housed at Remix Learning, Inc. Remix Learning and DYN maintain a productive ongoing content partnership.

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iRemix is for any organization looking to extend the learning opportunities provided to its participants. Schools, libraries, museums, universities and after school programs have used iRemix to support extended learning and mentoring through a social learning network.

Media Rich

Whether users created it themselves or discovered something interesting online, share media with the community easily and start a discussion from it. iRemix supports videos, audio, blogs, games, documents photos and graphics.


Privacy & Safety

You fully control your iRemix network from the content to the users. Admins are able to create or remove account at will and have the ability to remove any content they deem inappropriate. Admins are not alone in managing a network, any user can flag any post as potentially inappropriate.


Every iRemix network is customized by its owners. Networks control their own styling and branding as well as which iRemix features are available to their users. Content such as badges, rubrics and artifacts can be customized for individual networks.

Feedback & Discussion

While media sharing is a large part of the experience, the discussions and feedback that happen around that media are just as important. iRemix facilitates feedback and critique on shared media through a commenting system and a unique ratings framework that allows for artifact based rubrics to be integrated into any network. iRemix also supports discussion through forums and its debate feature.



Badges allow us to recognize and reward skill, participation and achievements. iRemix provides a flexible badges framework for networks design and implement badges that align with their program model.

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