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ExploreChi is a space for youth to build new skills and discover new interests.

Users can take on media production challenges at their own pace, get feedback from expert mentors and earn badges to represent the media skills they’re developing. With a broad selection of challenges for all interests and skill levels, ExploreChi allows youth to determine their own pathway to explore. Whether they’re eyeing video production, photography, music or design, they can find challenges that match their current skill level and provide opportunities level up. Expert media mentors review challenge submissions and provide targeted feedback and award badges when users successfully meet the challenge requirements.

ExploreChi allows any formal or informal learning organization to create new opportunities for youth to develop digital literacies within their programs without taking on the burden of training their educators in each new area of media production.

Empower your youth to use new production skills to communicate in new ways.

ExploreChi is loaded with a variety of media production challenges that range from
design, video, audio/music, photography and storytelling!

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