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CurateIt is a youth curated digital media gallery. Users select from a collection of peer and professional artifacts and curate themed exhibitions. CurateIt is not only an online space to showcase youth exhibitions but also learning tool. Through the process of creating and viewing exhibitions, youth are able to develop a unique set of curatorial skills.

Identifying connections between artifacts, developing themes and adding their own distinct interpretation on existing digital artifacts provides a new challenge for youth who are often inundated with an overwhelming amount of media. Shifting the focus away from the creation of digital artifacts, CurateIt encourages youth to develop the skills to articulate their personal interpretation or creative works and present them to the world.

CurateIt stems from a unique partnership between the Digital Youth Network, The Art Institute of Chicago, Yollacalli Arts Reach and Little Black Pearl. Each organization works with youth in their own distinct way to provide experience in media production as well as informed consumption and critique. These unique organizational experiences informed the design of this youth curation tool.

ExploreChi allows any formal or informal learning organization to create new
opportunities for youth to develop digital literacies within their programs without
taking on the burden of training their educators in each new area of media production.
Empower your youth to use new production skills to communicate in new ways.

Media Production Challenges
ExploreChi is loaded with a variety of media production challenges that range from
design, video, audio/music, photography and storytelling.
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