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Digital Youth Network has developed a framework that connects badges to a set of learning experiences, with an end goal of better supporting interest driven learning in a social community to create richer and more concrete paths to discovery. Badges have the potential to radically shift how learning experiences are achieved, shared, and recognized.

We believe badges can:

  • Allow individuals to receive recognition for skills and achievements gained
  • Signal mastery of specific skills or roles
  • Provide bridges between informal learning opportunities and formal environments
  • Increase the visibility of potential pathways for learning and exploring new skills and interests
  • Provide the motivation to explore with a new degree of interest and confidence
  • Become more meaningful over time, as learners combine badges to build
  • A portfolio that represents who they are and what they can do

The DYN framework builds on four types of badges:

  • Knowledge – Knowledge badges convey that the learner has understood and integrated a specific and important body of information in meaningful and lasting ways.
  • Skill – Skill badges provide the learners with indicators of developing competencies and broaden their understanding of their capabilities and accomplishments.
  • Community – Community badges recognize behaviors and attributes that are valued by the community and reinforce social norms and practices.
  • Showcase – Showcase badges highlight a learner’s efforts to share their progress and skills to valued audiences, promoting a sense of pride, ownership and identity.

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