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Digital Youth Network has developed a mentor framework that defines the essential qualities of a digital mentor, informs the design of professional development for mentors, and is at the core of the mentor badge system. These elements are critical to developing shared practices and a common approach to working with young people because DYN mentors create enriching learning opportunities and adapt to youth interests and pursuits.

The framework includes four essential components:

  • Pedagogical Knowledge – understanding the connections between teaching and learning
  • Social/Cultural Capital – forging relationships with youth grounded in learning and in the creation of digital artifacts
  • Technical fluency – fluidity within and across new media tools
  • Personal portfolio – demonstrating new media knowledge and skills

The mentor framework is the core of the professional development for adult learning which include activity structures such as:

  • Collaborative Goal-Setting
  • Individualized Learning
  • Problem-Solving
  • Engaging & Interactive Activities

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