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1-Click CPS Signup

In March, our team introduced 1-Click signup for CPS students. This highly focused feature allows current CPS students to register in CCOL in a single step.

1-Click CPS Signup


Quicker signup allows first time learners to start exploring activities sooner. Quicker exploration allows for simpler CCOL integration into in and out of school learning activities such as Hour of Code. Teachers can introduce CCOL and students will still have time for signup, exploring their interest and claiming their badge.


  • Teachers can reliably onboard students at consistent pace.
  • Learners have more time to personalize their profile by setting interests and preferred location.
  • Learners can pivot to discover activities suggested by Top Picks or related to an awarded badge.

1-Click allows students to signup in seconds. We’ll see the impact in the next few months as CPS continues their efforts to increase online learning.

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