Akili Lee is the Co-Founder & Director of Digital Strategy and Development at Digital Youth Network. He leads DYN’s work in innovating new digital learning tools and supporting youth focused organizations develop models for successfully integrating digital media as a way to increase engagement and effectiveness.

Prior to this role, Akili served for 5 years as the Founding Director of the Digital Youth Network where he helped to define DYN’s unique hybrid model to support youth in developing and applying digital skills in the classroom, out-of-school programming, and in the home.

Akili is the creator of the iRemix Platform, which allows educators to leverage social networking in a safe solution for educational environments, leverage social tools, and integrate both recommended and custom goal and standard-based curriculum.

Akili holds a B.A. in Computing and Information Systems from Northwestern University and is currently completing a M.S. in Business Information Technology at DePaul University.